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Three Proof Four Way Stretch Tactical Pants | LightCityMall

Three Proof Four Way Stretch Tactical Pants | LightCityMall

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Scratch-proof, water-proof and oil-proof, lightweight and elastic in all directions. Multifunctional pants suitable for any scene


Using compound technology, a molecular barrier is formed around the fabric fibers to reduce the near surface tension of the fibers, so that it can effectively resist water, oily liquid stains and dry stains. Travel outdoors, always keep dry.

Compared with ordinary pants, SKAH three-guard pants have more tactical characteristics. Its fabric uses DuPont Teflon coating technology, commonly known as "plastic king".

This material makes the pants have a super waterproof effect like lotus leaves!

In the rainy season, when facing the rain, you will not feel afraid, and the water will slip through the pants leg and go, and the leg will not be wet.

Outdoor sports can also cope with a variety of harsh environments, always keep dry state.

Not only rain, daily life encountered alcohol, drinks, coffee is also fearless, after contact directly slide away, pants will not be sticky and polluted.

Spring and summer wear pants, must be light, not stuffy, cool.

The SKAH three defense tactical pants feel cold and cool on the top, as if the air conditioner is blowing on the skin.

The material is silky, and when you put it on your arm, the pants slide down your skin.

For people who like sports or outdoor adventures, the amount of leg activity can not be avoided, and the elasticity of pants is very important.

The four-way elastic fabric of SKAH three-proof pants is easy to cope with, and does not feel tight and bound, almost as if you are not wearing.

The most fabrics used in pants are cotton and linen, style sweatpants and jeans, which are stuffy and hot on the body in hot weather.

Of course, the air permeability of SKAH three anti-outdoor tactical pants should also be done, and you can also wear a naked experience in this hot summer.

The overall weight of the pants is equivalent to a mobile phone, wearing on the body is really not too big feeling, wearing like not wearing, light and light naked feeling full.

The biggest problem with jeans is that they can not move greatly, and sometimes they will tear open with a little force, which is really embarrassing.

The crotch is 3D stereoscopic cut, and it is not easy to pull the leg lift step squat.

Even if it is a large movement, lifting legs and squatting are not easy to pull, without restraint.

Regular exercise, pants will be seriously worn, in view of this situation SKAH three defense outdoor tactical pants also have a good wear performance.

The technicians use the steel ball to rub hard on the pants, and there is no hooking phenomenon.

Pockets here we will have horizontal and horizontal pockets designed to load important items in different areas, hidden zipper pockets to store valuables separately. In this way, even in the extreme outdoors, you do not have to worry about losing items.

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  • Tips: The measurement method is different, and the conventional size is recommended to be purchased according to the usual wearing size, with an error of 1-2cm

"SKAH" menswear brand, popular with a new minimalism, based on the integration of traditional culture and the trend of The Times, to create a series suitable for different ages.

Personality mix and fashion trend tacit integration, so that every product full of charm professional intentions of service attitude is SKAH touched every customer's founding principles, but also rooted in the industry and consumer confidence in the mind of the cornerstone, high-quality products of their own value of the original.

To create the best pants, we start from scratch. We focus on two things, fit and high quality materials. No detail was overlooked. Pockets, belts, crotches, zippers, buttons and all other stress points have been tested multiple times.

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